↟Welcome to HeartOfTheHunter Trading Post!↟

↟We are passionate treasure hunters who love quality vintage and well made handcrafted Canadian products = Canadian Handmade & Vintage Goods!  At this time the shop has mainly vintage goods but will also include Canadian handmade products in 2020! We are an environmentally friendly and green shop!
↟HandmadeGoods: All handmade goods will be crafted in Canada

↟VintageTreasure: There is always a treasure to be found. Something unique, odd, antique, lost or forgotten is found once again. They each have their own stories, some can be researched and some remain a mystery. Now those treasures are offered to you, to continue their journey with you. I have been a treasure hunter for as long as I can remember. A burning desire and passion live in me to hunt and find these treasures and it brings me great joy when the right person finds the right item.  These treasure can come from anywhere in the world.

↟HeartOfTheHunter: My father was a hunter. The aesthetic and influence of hunting are inspired without a doubt from him. The shop name is about the passion, the love of the hunt and what the hunter holds dear to his heart. I am also a hunter, but a different kind, a treasure hunter. I love finding and making treasure and sharing them with others. My father was a hunter, with a damaged heart which was sensitive and strong and never gave up. The name reflects him, reflects me, is an homage to a great man with a great heart. HeartOfTheHunter is an echo of love, a shared passion for the thrill of the hunt, to live through one's heart, dreams, love, and passion.

↟Teamwork: Thanks to your purchase, we help protect and support Canadian wildlife endangered species & biodiversity! Plus all packaging materials are environmentally friendly: recycled, recyclable and when possible reused (excluding the packing tape). If your item was protected with packaging peanuts, be reassured that they are 100% biodegradable (made from corn, wheat or potato starch) and are water soluble and won’t pollute groundwater. Every step goes a long way. 

View our Etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/heartofthehunter

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